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The 10 best strategies to make a woman happy(how to attract a woman)
The Universe tends to chaos and entropy, says the second law of thermodynamics. And with him, our daily life, which is increasingly flooded by strange devices, obligations that we never suspected we would have and a whole series of work or family servitudes that, contrary to what we might think, do not make us happier. The same happens in the relationship with our partners: if at the beginning everything seemed to go on wheels, when we must begin to live with our beloved the situation begins to change and everything is burdens, problems and obstacles to overcome. On a large number of 
occasions, this is becauseWe do not know how to impose a clear criterion on the obligations of our daily life, so we spend all our time engaging our partners in a multitude of useless activities.
University of Chicago psychologist Fred B. Bryant recently stated that we are still quite bad at developing tools to live everyday happiness , and that we continue to resort to setting high goals that, in theory, we believe are the ones that will guarantee our wellness. Something similar happens with the masculine gender when it tries, with scarce fortune, to make its women happy: that it points in the wrong direction, too high, when the target is much lower.
So, happiness is found in the small details. But also unhappiness: doing something over and over again that angers our partners is the best way to erode, little by little, our confidence. On many occasions, a large project, such as a trip to an exotic destination or an unexpected dinner, although pleasant, may simply be a way to mask a problem in the background. It is preferable to live an adequate day to day than to indulge in great gestures. Here we present ten useful tips to make our couple happy within the framework of our daily life.
1.- Show yourself enthusiastic
"Do we meet tomorrow for dinner?" Faced with such a question posed by the female member of the relationship, the man has two ways: express your unwillingness to do so or answer with euphoria, stating that there is nothing you want more in the world. It is not a matter of lying or pretending, of course, but of making our partner a participant in our positive feelings, providing due feedback to their proposals . If we are not able to make our partner understand that we have a good time with her, however much we feel it in our inner self, we will have a problem.
2.- Be a gentleman
The spontaneity and running without detours have been considered during the last decades as two virtues of contemporary man: chivalry seems to be a thing of the past. This conception is so widespread that it has ended up giving place to a juncture in which many men consider that being uncouth and slimy, even if using humor as an alibi, is something appreciated by their women. On the contrary, showing a certain courtesy and education and using a certain gallantry that 
treats women as ladies and not as mere objects of desire is always well received. It is not necessary to be a petulant smirk, of course, because that will only lead us to look ridiculous. At the middle point is virtue.
We all need to have a time and a place for ourselves each day 3.- Do the tasks without being asked The distribution of tedious daily tasks is one of the most critical points in all coexistence of couples. Although few people enjoy them, we must avoid considering them as a heavy burden associated with negative emotions, because it is the easiest way to start trying to escape from them. A situation that will probably lead to continuous confrontations, if you are not able to divide your roles equally. Show initiative those days that you have more time or feel stronger is one of the best signals to your partner , because if you try to dodge your obligations continuously will think you're 
suggesting that she should be the one to do it as a woman that is.
4.- Provide the necessary space
We all need to have a time and a place for ourselves each day. This does not mean that our partner wants us less or does not want to be with us, but many men do not understand that this space is necessary for the well-being of the couple . In addition, we must know how to take advantage of that time that we are not sharing with our wife, since an independent person who is capable of not getting bored without company is much more desirable than the one who needs to be with us (how to attract beautiful women)
twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. week. A heavy load, go.
5.- Hold it, touch it, stroke it
Women like physical contact more than men, something we tend to forget often. So to approach her and embrace her is the 
best way to make her remember that we feel something for her. In addition, you will feel much more secure and protected within the relationship: surround it with your arms is one of those signs that the female brain always interprets positively. Kissing her or showing signs of affection in front of common acquaintances, is usually perceived as a way of expressing your feeling of pride towards her and showing that you have no doubt about your life in common.
6.- Show him that he can trust you
Tontear with his friends, as much as it attracts us and although it is done harmlessly, it is probably the worst mistake that a man can fall into during a relationship. If we want our partner to trust us, we must send the correct signs to confirm that image. One of the characteristics of men most valued among women is their fidelity and unconditional love : the worst sensation a woman can have in a relationship is that she can be abandoned by her partner at any time. Nor do 
lies, however small or pious they may seem, often help us to create a good image.
7.- Share your hobbies, follow theirs
We all like to share our favorite activities with our friends, family, colleagues ... Why not also with our partner? 
There is nothing that reinforces a relationship more than sharing the same hobbies, which do not have to be the same as when the couple came together. This works in a double sense: we not only have to worry about knowing and showing interest in what our woman likes, but we can also indicate our own hobbies so that she feels a part of them. Of course, an open mind and an active attitude towards them is important, not an exasperating resistance to anything that provides entertainment for our partner .
Use as a criterion to discover what our partner likes our own taste as males is not recommended 8.- Pay attention
The so-called active listening is one of the most important tools in order to show our women that we have it in mind. 
Therefore, we should not interrupt it when it is telling us something that it considers interesting, even if it is to give our interesting opinion, nor divert our attention to another matter, even if it is an important call . , but not enough to keep you listening ", or of course change the subject quickly. 
On the contrary, we must show attention, propose solutions later if it is a problem and let him know the most important thing of all, which is that although we can not do anything to change the situation, we will always be there to listen to it .
9.- Remember that they are not men
Use as criteria to discover what our partner likes our own taste as men is not recommended, because the female sex has its own needs and desires that differ greatly from what men want. Therefore it is not advisable to plan activities according to our interests and preferences, however much our egocentricity leads us on many occasions to think that what attracts us has to attract everyone, and vice versa: that what we are not interested, it can not interest anyone. 
Therefore, if our partner is concerned about shopping, spending time dressing and makeup, going out to dinner with friends or eating certain dishes, it does not bother us, but because he really likes it. Do not forget it.
10.- Be happy
There is nothing that disgusts any person more than having to live with another who spends the day withered, complaining about everything and reluctant to any situation. If we are not able to show our partner that she makes us happy, she will begin to think that she is not important enough for us. In addition, always having to act with the objective of improving the happiness of your partner is not precisely the ideal life of most women. If you are unhappy, and you show yourself continuously to your partner, you will only get him to be as unhappy as you are.(how to attract a girl)
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